What Exactly Is ISO 27001-2013? And Why Is It So Important To Organisations?

December 26, 2021 0 Comments

ISO 27001 is the only standard that defines the specifications and functions of an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Organizations need to demonstrate that they are trustworthy for information security management.

The top benefits to achieving ISO 27001 are listed below.

1: Retaining Customers And Winning New Business

An information technology management system has a high return on investments. However, powerful customers can often trigger the initial investment.

Many stakeholders are now more concerned with how their information is being handled and protected. cybersecurity data breaches and other risks are too severe to be able to just sign a handshake, and then hope that the new supplier will behave responsibly with information.

The notion that organizations should protect the privacy and security of their data has been replaced by the suspicion of data misuse. The security of their supplies is an essential part of protecting organizations. This is further explored in our white paper: ‘planning and implementing an information security management system’.

It will help you to be more competitive and attractive by aligning your organization with the priorities and demands of your customers.

ISO 27001 provides strong security practices that can be used to improve client relationships and retain clients.

Many of our customers’ desire to achieve ISO 27001 is driven in part by their client needs, whether they are existing clients or tendering for new clients.

There are always time-sensitive goals in every situation. The driver must meet the demands of clients and prospective clients.

2: Preventing Fines Or Reputation Loss

Information security and data safety are higher priorities than they were for business leaders and the general population.

Not only will there be headlines about large-scale data breaches that result in major fines, but organizations also need to monitor their supply networks for any information security issues. Even small businesses can be affected by this as data handling and processing are a major risk.

It’s not only the large companies that fall prey to the ICO. Not only are larger companies being penalized, but also smaller ones. Privacy Administration is compiling information on General Data Protection Regulation Fines.

Even if the organization is only fined a small amount, it will still hurt their business. Potential customers will find them less appealing.

So it’s not surprising that companies want to improve their information safety posture to avoid fines. The negative publicity caused by fines or warnings notices on companies should be carefully considered. This can have a significant impact on their profit margins over the years.

3: Improving Processes & Strategies

ISO 27001 Certification will help improve the perception of your business by suppliers, clients, and other stakeholders.

This is an advantage to having an information security system.

This framework provides a framework to consider security risks, management procedures, and key operational components such as how IT systems need to be kept up-to-date and anti-virus, data storage and backups, and event logging.

Meeting the ISO 27001 standard requires better documentation. It also means that staff will have clear guidelines. This helps to keep your organization safe and free from any attack. This may include policies on external drives, secure internet browsing, and strong passwords.

While cyber-attacks and data leaks can happen at any moment, planning like ISO 27001 is a way to demonstrate that you have evaluated all risks. It also shows that your company continuity and breach reporting plan are in place should things go wrong.