If You Have Different Breast Sizes, How To Fit A Bra

November 28, 2021 0 Comments

It would be so nice to be symmetrical! It would make life so much simpler! You’d have less trouble with glasses, your eye makeup would be easier to apply, and you’d be able to take amazing selfies every day without having to choose a “best side”. Breasts are the most asymmetrical feature of a woman. A staggering 88% of women have noticeable asymmetry at the top, with a range of shapes and sizes.

It is clear that no one is perfectly balanced from head-to-toe and no one has identical breasts. It is what makes us different and should be celebrated. It’s wonderful to be weird!

Your inconsistencies can be used to your advantage. It’s more than just appearance. It’s about comfort, confidence, and finding the best bra for your needs. Check out these fitting tips and hacks to ensure you make the right choice.

1. Be sure to go big

Always wear a larger breast. You can increase the size of your breasts, but not take them away. A bigger breast will cause spillage and disruption of your final outfit’s curves. This is how you protect your silhouette. You can ensure you have the right cup size by putting all your breast tissue in the cup. Although it’s not very delicate, this will prevent you from later noticing any breast spillage.

2. How to Choose the Best Bra Type

Your bra should do all the work to minimize the appearance of asymmetrical breasts. A more structured garment is generally better, so choose padded, seamless, or moulded bras. These¬†bras Australia¬†won’t hide the wrinkles that a smaller breast can cause in the fabric of a less-structured bra. These creases can have an adverse effect on your outfit, so avoid creasing. The soft cup bra is another type of bra to be aware of. This shapewear is made from hugging lycra and will conform to your body without creasing.

3. Padding: What is it?

After you have positioned your largest breasts in the bra you choose, it is time to balance them out. You can fill the smaller cup with breast padding in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. Body tape can be used to make your padding more secure. You could also go backwards, and buy a padded bra that has removable padding. Then remove the cushioning on the larger side. If your difference in size is less than the padding, the backwards approach will not work. It can be extremely useful if this is the case!

4. Make Tiny Adjustments

Bra straps can be adjusted for a reason. Your asymmetrical boobs might not be due to your size. Your torso shape and position can be very different. You can quickly correct this by adjusting bra straps. It is important to determine the right length bra strap for your bra. This will affect the comfort and health of your back. These adjustments are crucial for managing your breast weight so make sure to inspect them each time you wash the garment.

5. Think Outside the Box

You don’t need a bra every single day, so why wear one? Corsets, bodysuits and corselettes can all control your silhouette and correct irregularities in breast size. These shapewear items offer greater flexibility because they don’t have an underwire. They will instead use elastic fabrics or boning that create your desired shape. These garments can be fitted with padding, but they don’t have to worry about your cup size.