Tips for Women Drivers

November 10, 2021 0 Comments

Women can’t drive. How often have you heard this from male friends? I’d guess it is quite often. Some of them may be chauvinists who want to exclude us. However, one cannot help but wonder if some of this criticism is valid. Driving lessons Fremantle instruct or guide you for better result in driving? Are there some things we could be doing wrong? What are our mistakes and how can we fix them

  1. It’s a shoe thing!

These 4in stilettos look great with your power suit but are not recommended for driving. They can slip off the pedals which can be very dangerous. You might also feel achy calves. It is possible to have a pair of flats in your car for driving, and bring the heels.

2. Sending and making calls

According to public opinion, driving is the best time for making calls, sending text messages friends. We understand that women can multitask, but they are not able to drive well enough. Talking or texting while driving is dangerous for you and others. If you spot someone doing this in traffic, please give them as much space as you can. You won’t be laughing if they do it.

3. Driving while singing

Music is just as important for driving as fuel, but bad driving can be partly attributed to some music. We won’t go into the cultural impact Katy Perry had on driving, but we will say that singing along to her songs while driving can lead to serious consequences. The driving becomes less of a problem when women sing along with their driver. Keep your talent alive until you reach your destination.

4. Get it going!

Properly inflated tires will make your tyres last longer. What is proper inflation? It all depends on your car’s make and model. To determine the correct inflation of your car’s tyres, you can look at the sticker on the car’s door, fuel lid, or manual. Properly inflated tires will prolong their life and increase fuel efficiency.

5. Mirror cracked

Mirror mirror on wall: Who is the prettiest? Many women use their car’s rearview mirrors to see themselves. Remember, mirrors are only for looking behind a car.

6. Do it tomorrow with oil

While many of us are busy, we don’t forget to oil our hair. Oiling your hair is essential for healthy hair. Why ignore your cars? You also need to take care of your cars in order for them not only to last long but also to be reliable.

You should not leave the oil level check for tomorrow. You can have a car that won’t start if it runs out of oil. The engine will not have lubrication and may seize up, causing it to stop working and resulting in a costly repair bill. Check the oil level at least once per month to avoid this. The oil level should not exceed the maximum and minimum marks. You can always top it up if you don’t.

7. It’s not a wardrobe, it’s a car

You are looking for a coat, or shoes? It is not a smart idea to turn your car into a wardrobe. Your car will burn more fuel if it is heavier than you are! You can empty your car for one day in a row. You might be surprised at how much clothes you can make with the fuel savings you get from emptying your car.

8. Allow your friends to ride in the car

What happens when we let our friends ride in the car along with us? Each guy acts like he is the driver. No matter what the topic, they keep their eyes on the road. As long as the car is moving, conversations are conducted without eye contact. Women are focused on the car and not the world. Take the bus if you have to do this on the road.

9. The essentials

Imagine stepping out of your home without your lipstick, comb, and eyeliner. The thought of it is absurd! Modern women must be ready for any eventuality. This might include a punctured tyre on a dark street. Keep a spare tire, a jack, and a properly inflated spare wheel along with lipstick and eyeliner. Always carry a first-aid kit.

10. Creativity and vision?

You can find big, fluffy, soft toys in the parcel tray and beads hanging from your rearview mirror. These are just a few of the most popular car decorations for women. These can cause visibility problems. If you can, avoid them.