Why It Is Advantageous To Use The Soy Candle Wax

October 11, 2021 0 Comments

Soy wax is one of the popular waxes from making the candle. It is 100% natural wax that can be made from vegetable soybeans. Soybeans are harvested in many places around the world. Scent and aroma are not the only vital aspects to consider when buying the candle. The decorative candle is made up of different waxes, and everyone has other properties, which impact the performance. The soy candle wax is mostly used to make candles for various purposes.

When compared to the paraffin wax, soy waxes are expensive, but it offers lots of benefits. For this reason, many crafters are choosing soy wax for the candle crafting project. Now, online stores are offering candle making kits with all basic components. You can check all products and pick the best candle supplies which match your requirements. Take a look at the amazing benefits of using soy wax for making the candle:

  • Long-lasting candle 

The most important benefit of choosing soy candle wax is long-lasting. It slowly burns when compared to paraffin; thus, this candle has longer durability. But you will pay extra money for soy wax. The candle burns extended period aids to compensate the additional cost. Based on the scent oil amount and quality of the candle, the scent will last for many hours.

  • Hassle-free cleaning  

Soy waxes have a lower melting point when compared to other waxes in the market. So it turns smoother at the low temperature. Besides, it is simple to clean the soy wax spill with hot water and soap than the chemical. You can wash the equipment in the dishwasher or hot running water within the short time.

  • Renewable material

Soybeans are extensively harvested that is renewable. Other natural candle waxes such as bayberry wax and beeswax are costly because their supplies are limited. Soy is the perfect alternative for people looking for the candle made up of the renewable source.

  • Non-Petroleum candle option 

Paraffin wax candle is manufactured from the petroleum, and soy candle is an eco-friendly material. If you want to reduce fossil fuel use for candles, you can choose the soy candle as an alternative to paraffin.

  • Cleaner burn 

You can also enjoy the cleaner burn when using soy wax. They produce lower smoke that means people who have asthma problems can prefer this candle. The indoor air will be clean and secure for children and others. It reduces the risk of smoke damage to the wall, ceiling and other items placed near the candle.

Lots of candle waxes are hassle-free to work with for the crafter. The soy candle wax can combine with other kinds of resins like beeswaxes and others. It helps to develop the attractive blend. You can pick the scent and colour to make the designer candle in the unique method. A soy wax candle is suitable for a person committed to the vegan life. In addition, it is 100% biodegradable and scented with essential oil.