The Guide to SEO Competitor Analysis

July 23, 2021 0 Comments


SEO is a strong tool when it comes to boosting your market presence. Having your website placed on the first page of the search result is works wonders for your business. It invites revenue and customer base and it also adds credibility to your brand. To make this possible, your website must be SEO-friendly.

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SEO Competitor Analysis

John Maxwell once said, “A wise individual always learn from his/her mistakes, but a wiser one gains knowledge and skills from somebody else’s mistakes. However, the wisest person of all is the one who learns from others’ successes.” This adage fits well when it comes to SEO. Learning from the success of your competitors is called “Competitive analysis”. A well-researched competitive analysis can be a game-changer for your business.

Identifying the strengths and the weaknesses of your competitors and then incorporating them in an enhanced manner in your business is the motive of SEO competitor analysis. Even if your page is placed at the top of the search results, there’s always a possibility of someone usurping your throne. Competitor analysis will help you in ranking higher and staying at that place.

1- Marking the Actual Competitors

Identifying the competitors must be the top priority of your strategy. Even though it sounds obvious, it’s not. It is more than merely typing the keyword in Google, then see the dominant players in the ranking. This scheme works in cases where you compete only in a set of limited keywords. But when you use thousands of keywords, it becomes obsolete.

Also, the looks can be deceptive. A domain can be dominating in some general set of keywords and at the same time languishing at the bottom of search results in the case of specific keywords. While doing the analysis, focus on not only the competitors of your entire business model but also on the ones which are targeting a piece of your overall market.

2- Competitive Keyword Analysis

Also known as “gap analysis”, it is the way of observing the valuable keywords for which your competitor is ranked highly, but you aren’t. Seek answers to questions like, “what’s the reason for their ranking and yours not?’; “Is their supplementary content better in the specific set of keywords?”; “do they have an extraordinary number of backlinks which is pushing their rank?”

Points for consideration:

i- The chosen keyword must be of value.

ii- You should be able to rank well, preferably better than your competitor, in the keyword.

iii- Always compare more than two competitors.

3- Analyzing the top content

Here, experts analyze what content has earned the maximum number of links to your competitor. Links play a decisive role in ranking, thus focus on those topics which others like to link to. After discovering the top content of competitors, prepare your content that is significantly better in quality. Then focus on promoting the content to similar people.

4- Link Gap Analysis

When you have high-quality backlinks on your page, you will automatically rank higher. It is often difficult to compete against such a high-backlinking competitor. It is important to understand the role played by the “quality” of links is decisive. Focusing on quantity rather than the quality of backlinks can do blunders for your SEO.

You must ensure that links your competitors have from the same page or site, must be on your page as well.

5- Google SERP and user intent

The most important aspect of winning traffic is to understand the intent of the searcher. You have to understand and provide for the needs of the searcher. If a user searches for “pie”, then you must understand that the intention is to buy a pie or look for a pie recipe. Ultimately, you must fulfill the wishes of the searcher.


Using the right strategy of SEO competitor analysis kickstart the growth of your business. However, there are certain things which have to be taken care of.